Special preparations
Cultures & spices

Everything from a single source –
"the ingredients for your success"

Our common goal: authentic, tasty sausage and meat products of consistently high quality and safety. In addition, fresh ideas and technological innovations for expanding your customer base and facilitating your work. Together we will work on solutions that will lead to optimal results for your products and increase the efficiency and profitability of your company.

Our joint path to a successful future will begin with an open ear for your concerns and an in-depth consultation. We will bring your project to a successful conclusion in a totally individual, reliable and trustworthy manner. To this end, LEMBKE will be happy to supply optimal aids. Here’s to our successful cooperation!


Conceptual, partnership-based support in relation to technological and product-specific questions.

Joint development of new products, optimization of existing products – from the initial raw material to serial production – based on many years of industrial and technical experience.

Full service: taste orientation, trial production, optimization of raw materials and auxiliary agents as well as technology.

Spices, additives, starter and protective cultures as well as special mixtures, etc. according to your specific requirements.

Special preparations, cultures & spices

Protected formulations, individual spice mixtures and brines for products of consistently high quality

Starter cultures and bio-ferments for aroma formation and the fermentation of raw sausages and raw cured meats

Protective cultures for high food safety, germ reduction and a long shelf life

Products for texture enhancement and more bite

Special preparations for easier storage and filling of natural intestine casings

Natural plant dyes for an appetizing flesh colour

Nutritional physiological additives such as vegetable-fat alternatives and salt-reducing agents

Preparations for the production of vegetarian / vegan products

Products against white mould on salami

Spraying agent for cooked cured products

Emulsifiers for higher strength and more economical production