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Do you have any ideas, wishes or challenges? Are your products meant to be individual and remain unique in the future, taste great and meet certain criteria? Whether your products are traditional or modern, do you want to produce them in an up-to-date and optimized way, gain new momentum, and profit from the extensive experience and knowledge of a specialist? When working with an external partner, the collaboration should be one thing above all else for you: beneficial and relieving! We are a small team that can guarantee confidential cooperation and respond to your individual needs. In addition to concepts and problem solutions, we offer manufacturer-independent suitable products for optimal implementation. Gunther H. Lembke is a trained butcher and qualified food-technology engineer with many years of production experience and your personal advisor:

Verlässliche, vertrauensvolle und          individuelle Leistung „Made in Germany“
reliable , trustworthy and individual service that is „Made in Germany“

Meat and sausage products are my area of expertise. Today as a product manager, I offer comprehensive consulting services, individual concepts and solutions, special preparations, cultures and spices – for anyone in need of support. Since 2004 I have been working independently with my own company. Previously, I worked for twelve years in leading positions in the meat and sausage industry (product development, production management, head of quality assurance). In Lemgo, I studied food technology, focusing on meat, because as early as 1985, as a young, trained butcher, I saw opportunities for improving meat and sausage products and high potential for the future. My career began in my parents’ butcher’s shop, where I began working at a very early age. To this day, I remain a down-to-earth, pragmatic person who knows that good cooperation between all parties, a sense of responsibility and absolute reliability are essential to the success of a company. If you’re interested in a long-term cooperation with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Gunther H. Lembke
Managing Director,
Dipl.-Ing. Lebensmitteltechnologie