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In diesem Bereich stelle ich Ihnen Themen aus meinem Arbeitsalltag vor. Gelegentlich stehen meine Kunden vor ähnlichen Herausforderungen. Für viele Probleme existieren bereits allgemeingültige, technologische Lösungen, die ich Ihnen hier gern exemplarisch präsentiere:

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In this section I present the topics that relate to my daily work. Sometimes my customers face similar challenges, and for many problems there already exist generally valid technological solutions, which I will present to you here as examples:

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Mediterranean salami without mould or additional flavours

Mediterranean salami without mould or additional flavours

A Mediterranean taste without the need of mould or additional flavours.

Many companies would like to produce a salami with a Mediterranean taste profile, but fail among other things because they either can’t get them mouldy or aren’t allowed or don’t want to use any additional flavours. Getting large calibres to go mouldy would also make little sense in relation to the Mediterranean taste.

After intensive development work, we have succeeded in developing a Mediterranean starter culture that produces a salami with a clearly Mediterranean taste, regardless of the calibre of the salami.

This starter culture is called “culture-cT FGL3-100 med” and is part of our “3 Mediterranean System”. 
This system consists of:

1. The starter culture “culture-cT FGL3-100 med.”

2. The raw sausage spice “comby-cT Salami Basis med.+”

3. The protective culture against listeria “culture-cT PL-100″

The raw sausage spice “comby-cT Salami Basis med.+” has been adapted to the Mediterranean starter culture in such a way that it gives the salami a pleasantly spicy taste without masking the Mediterranean taste. 
The protective culture “culture-cT PL-100” can be added for additional safety.

Numerous tastings with producers have shown that the Mediterranean taste is convincing.


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