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In diesem Bereich stelle ich Ihnen Themen aus meinem Arbeitsalltag vor. Gelegentlich stehen meine Kunden vor ähnlichen Herausforderungen. Für viele Probleme existieren bereits allgemeingültige, technologische Lösungen, die ich Ihnen hier gern exemplarisch präsentiere:

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In this section I present the topics that relate to my daily work. Sometimes my customers face similar challenges, and for many problems there already exist generally valid technological solutions, which I will present to you here as examples:

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Casing treatment agents

Casing treatment agents

Today, natural intestine casings – such as sheep and hog casings – are often used for the production of sausage products from different countries. As a result, the resulting differences in casing hardness can lead to difficulties when it comes to uniform fillability in production plants. Due to these and other problems, customers are increasingly enquiring about the preparation possibilities for natural intestine casings in order to improve their filling behaviour and make them more uniform. In order to meet these customer requirements, we have developed three casing treatment agents that can be used, among other things, to reduce or adjust the different degrees of casing hardness and thus standardize and optimize the filling processes. Furthermore, it is possible to store them in an unsalted state.

The agents involved are:

Product 1: This product results in better dissolving of the knots, and in the casings “swelling up” and becoming supple. It also improves the rinsing of the casings and can reduce or equalize the different degrees of hardness of the casing wall, thus improving the filling behaviour. The product offers very good solubility. The casings are inserted into this solution for at least 2 days and up to a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

Product 2: This is a preparation that is used to keep natural intestine casings unsalted for a longer period of time (approx. 2-3 weeks) and maintaining their softness.

Product 3: This product provides better fillability and softer casings. All three products are already successfully used in production and we are sure that we can also convince you of the positive results, as the processing of natural intestine casings at your customers’ premises can be simplified and thus improved many times over.



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Gunther H. Lembke
Dipl.-Ing. Lebensmitteltechnologie
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