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In diesem Bereich stelle ich Ihnen Themen aus meinem Arbeitsalltag vor. Gelegentlich stehen meine Kunden vor ähnlichen Herausforderungen. Für viele Probleme existieren bereits allgemeingültige, technologische Lösungen, die ich Ihnen hier gern exemplarisch präsentiere:

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In this section I present the topics that relate to my daily work. Sometimes my customers face similar challenges, and for many problems there already exist generally valid technological solutions, which I will present to you here as examples:

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comby-cT Weißwurst seasoning

comby-cT Weißwurst seasoning

The white sausage with a traditional taste you won’t want to miss out on.

White sausage is one of Bavaria’s most popular and best-known specialities, and is also known far beyond its borders.

I now present to you our new spice mixture, “comby-cT Weißwurst”, which you can use to produce a traditional white sausage with a superb taste. I think the taste will impress you.

Each sausage producer naturally has their own ideas about to how to produce a white sausage best. My aim is to offer you a traditional spice mixture that can serve as an attractive alternative to your existing product. With this new seasoning mixture, the result is a superb-tasting traditional white sausage.

You can also use the “comby-cT Weißwurst” spice mixture in conjunction with other ingredients and technological procedures to create a completely individual product taste.
We’ll be more than happy to help you do this.

When it comes to the list of ingredients, “comby-cT Weißwurst” has the additional advantage that the number of ingredients to be declared is very small. Some ingredient lists for white-sausage products currently on sale in the market could be significantly reduced by using our “comby-cT Weißwurst” seasoning.

Interested? If so, please get in touch with us. We’ll be delighted to hear from you!


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